You may know Manitoulin Island as the largest freshwater island in the world. Soon you may come to know it as another place— home. Known simply as “The Island” to locals, Manitoulin is more than just an excellent tourist destination. It’s a location where thousands of people live rich, fulfilling lives year-round. 

We’re going to give you 15 reasons why you should consider buying your next vacation home or permanent residence on Manitoulin Island. 

  1. Live where others vacation. Every summer the population of Manitoulin Island grows by an entire quarter due to the influx of tourists. What could be better than living in the very same place where that Canadians flock to every year to get away from it all?  

  2. Short drive from Sudbury. For many, Manitoulin Island is a home away from home. In just a short 1.5  hour drive from Sudbury you’ll be on the Island. 

  3. Real estate values are going up. In 2017, the real estate market in Manitoulin Island saw sale volumes go up by 51% from the previous year. Unit sales were up 35%, indicating the average sale price rose in 2017. Now is the time to buy. 

  4. Deceptively large space. This “island” is actually deceptively large at 2,766 square kilometres. We did say it’s the largest of its kind in the world. 

  5. Affordable cost of living. Your money goes further when investing in real estate on Manitoulin Island. 

  6. Count them... 108 freshwater lakes! Manitoulin Island has so many lakes that some of them even have their own islands. Some of those islands even have their own lakes. Lakes in islands within lakes on an island. Try saying that a few times fast. 

  7. Aboriginal culture. The population of Manitoulin Island is 40% aboriginal and home to six Anishinaabe reserves— M'Chigeeng, Sheguiandah, Sheshegwaning, Aundeck Omni Kaning, Wikwemikong and Zhiibaahaasing. 

  8. Good eats. Within Manitoulin’s many lakes you can certainly expect to find some of the freshest fish in Northern Ontario. Manitoulin Island is home 4 major rivers which are spawning grounds for salmon and trout— the Kagawong, Manitou River, Blue Jay Creek in Michael's Bay, and Mindemoya rivers.

  9. Craft beer. Beer lovers can enjoy locally-brewed imbibements from craft brewers such as the Manitoulin Brewing Company and Split Rail Brewing. Brews are named after local attractions— such as Bridal Veil Pale Ale, Cup & Saucer English Ale, Swing Bridge Blonde Ale, and Hawberry Ale. At the Mantioulin Brewing Company you will find an outstanding food truck known as The Trough, which is located next to the outdoor bar of the Manitoulin Brewing Company where you can sip on your fine delicious beer and enjoy some awesome food!

  10. Artisan Wine. On Manitoulin Island you’ll have access to artisan wines and ciders produced locally by Angry Antlers Vineyard. Also you will find Country Corks downtown LIttle Current where you can make your own custom wines for a variety of different events, pop in and say “Hello” to the owner Kelly Alston located at 11 Worthington St. Little Current

  11. Island Goods. Eats, drinks, and sweets! Manitoulin has all of the most important areas covered, with the finest chocolates produced by Manitoulin Chocolate Works located in Kagawong and other boutique products being produced right on the Island. Be sure to check out the Outpost General on the Little Current downtown strip, the boutique store compiles all of the island’s made products under one roof where consumers can easily shop, locally owned by Mike Wilding.

  12. Hawberries. Manitoulin Island’s alkaline soil provides ideal growth conditions for its trademark fruit— hawberries. The Island is so famous for its hawberries that people born there are commonly referred to as “Haweaters.” 

  13. Festivals, Hiking, Golf, What More Do You Want? Islanders fully embrace their nickname every summer during the Haweater Festival, which features parades, fireworks, craft shows, and rural competitions. The Island is also home to a large country music festival,known as Manitouin Country Fest and numerous outdoor family festivals throughout the year at the various townships. Manitoulin Island is also home to the renown hiking trail known as The Cup & Saucer, 12 km of beautiful hiking trails with breathtaking views of The Island.  If you enjoy golfing then you're in for a treat, The Island offers 3 beautiful golf courses known as Rainbow Ridge Golf Course , Brookwood Brae Golf Course and Manitoulin Island Country Club

  14. Best of both worlds. If you’re looking for that small-town atmosphere and community, Manitoulin Island’s got it. If you’re looking for the services and amenities of larger cities, Manitoulin Island has those as well!

  15. Opportunity. Pardon the pun, but Manitoulin is an island of opportunity. With home sales and tourism numbers going up every year, the time is right to set up shop on the Island. Many of Northern Ontario’s small business success stories call Manitoulin Island their home. 

Thinking of buying in Manitoulin Island? Get in touch and we’ll work together to find the perfect home on the Island for you and your family.