It’s finally that time of year again. Fresh cut potatoes deep fried to a golden brown. Piping hot gravy simmered to perfection. Melted cheese curds that squeak as you bite through them. That’s right, we’re talking about chip stand season. Or, as we like to think of it, poutine season! 

Poutine lovers know that the tastiest combination of fries, cheese curds, and gravy is not going to be found in a food court or chain restaurant. The best poutine is often found at locally-owned chip stands, where small business owners invest their time each summer into creating something unique.

Well the snow is melting, the first day of spring has passed, and chip stands are firing up their deep fryers for another season. So get out there and enjoy one of the finest Canadian delicacies while you still have time. If you’re new to the area you might not know where to look. We’ve rounded up a list of the top 5 poutines you can find at chip stands in Sudbury and surrounding areas. Keep in mind these are listed in no particular order, as we believe they are all worth trying. 

1. Bundy’s Chip Stand

It looks like a chip stand, it tastes like a chip stand, but poutine lovers can rejoice because this little gem located in Garson. “Great food made with love” is their motto, and it definitely shows. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to tradition, and what you’ll find here is good old fashioned poutine the way it was intended to be served. The best way to describe Bundy’s poutine is comfort food that makes you feel as good as small town Northern Ontario hospitality. 

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2. Silver Bullet 

You can’t miss the Silver Bullet chip stand while driving down Notre Dame Avenue. A fixture in Sudbury for more than 20 years, this chip stand has built a reputation on delivering the highest quality chip stand faire at unbeatable prices. Silver Bullet’s unique take on poutine uses a combination of grated marble and cheddar cheese instead of curds, and we’re actually fine with that. The cheese is layered on so thick that if you didn’t know better you’d think they were using curds. Be forewarned that the portions here are exceptionally generous— the smallest size is enough for a meal and then some. 

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3. Leslie’s Charbroil & Grill 

Leslie’s is quite the small business success story. Starting off as a relatively unknown chip stand, it has since expanded into a permanent location that is open all year. However, it has not lost its chip stand charm. For a while it was even regarded as the best poutine in Sudbury according to Northern Life readers. Poutine here is made the traditional way, or you can add a kick to it with some spicy gravy. If you’re feeling adventurous you can add porketta, fried chicken, Montreal smoked meat, bacon, or hamburger to your poutine for an additional cost. 

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4. The Chip Wagon

Located in Chelmsford, the Chip Wagon is worth going out of your way if you don’t live in the area. With a 4.9 rating on Facebook, happy customers rave about the poutine here as if they made it themselves. The Chip Stand uses traditional ingredients, but they’re layered in a way that ensures your fries stay extra cheesy throughout. Unlike others mentioned on this list, the Chip Stand is a strictly seasonal operation, so make sure to get your fix at least once this summer. 

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5. M&D’s Poutine Palace 

M&D’s is so confident customers will love their poutine that they put it right in the name. They’ve got the clout to back it up as well, having won’s readers vote for best chip stand in 2017. What makes M&D’s poutine so good? It could be the cheese curds from Quebec, it could be the fries that are cut fresh daily, or it could be the owner’s meticulous attention to detail. One thing we know for sure is this place draws a crowd during the few months of the year that it’s open, as people can’t wait to get their hands on M&D’s poutine. 

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Wrapping it Up 

We haven’t done the math, but it’s a fair guess that Sudbury has more chip stands per capita than any other town in Northern Ontario. They say competition is good for business, so perhaps that’s why many of them have raised the bar in terms of what you can expect from a chip stand. These are the best poutines from just 5 of the many chip stands in Sudbury. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on something we haven’t mentioned. Your new favourite poutine may literally be around the corner.