Welcome to The Realty Bureau, where we create better agents. You’ve reached the place that like minded agents go to connect and help each other grow. We’re all here to work with you, not against you. 

Here’s the deal— we want to grow The Realty Bureau as a brand and we need you to do it. We don’t have time to show homes every day, which is why we rely on a team of agents like yourself. In other words, we want and need our agents to succeed.

Joining The Bureau: What’s in it for you? 

The Realty Bureau will help you solve the most important question in real estate: “Where’s my next deal going to come from?” 

Finding your next deal is the hardest part of real estate. We make it easier by doing what others won’t. Let’s say you managed to generate a mass amount of internet leads in a month; following up on every single one is expensive and time consuming. The whole process is so tedious that most agents don’t do it. But we do, and it works! We have systems in place where we generate 400-800 leads per month. From there, they are sifted through by our Inside Sales Department and funnelled directly to our agents. 

So, what’s in it for you? The opportunity to make more money!

This is a different approach to real estate which has been proven to deliver more quality leads. Agents report greater success rates when following up on our pre-qualified leads. When you join The Realty Bureau you never have to worry again about where your next deal will come from. We got you!

The Power to Succeed 

When you join The Bureau you have greater opportunities to succeed through pre-qualified leads. Perhaps even more important than that, we give you the power to succeed. In order to become better you need training, skills, resources, and support. You’ll receive all 4 at The Bureau. We will teach you how to leverage yourself with clients, master the technology used by top real estate professionals, boost referrals, and thrive in all aspects of your job. With an established turnkey program to help you maximize your sales, we will show you what it takes to become better. 

The Realty Bureau vs Other Brokerages 

We’re not the only brokerage in town saying they’ll offer substantial training to make you better. So what makes us different? 

Well, for one, we don’t stick you in a room with a semi-retired agent and make you follow a script. Our agents are all in their prime and hungry to succeed— like you. 

In life, you’re always learning. So we believe The Bureau should always be teaching. Our ongoing training methods are complete with guest speakers and regularly scheduled seminars. It’s all designed to make you better, with lessons you can apply at work and at home. 

Ready to Join? 

Say the word, and it’s done! Signage, cards, mail outs, and brochures. It’s all ready for you when you take the leap to become the best. Simply download this PDF which contains all the information you need to join the Bureau when you’re ready.